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    In our time period, lots of people use txt messaging and instant messaging and also internet gaming hubs such as twitter, to effectively communicate with one other. With that being said, mobile phones is now this life enveloping device that our generation has grown used to. Text messaging has become the first step toward how people communicate in our society. Many young teenagers and the younger generation text on day-to-day basis, the younger generation in your country like myself text so much that whenever you consider the saying “teenager” you spontaneously consider the words txt messaging, and vica versa. With mobile companies innovating phones which can be structured around SMS communication, that can promote text messages and ultimately convince users to acquire there unlimited texts messaging packages and etc..You can still find some old-fashioned mobile users out there which might be very frugal with there cash, , nor feel relaxed with purchasing messaging packages there respective mobile phone companies are shoving on the bottom throats. Most people download im apps, including AIM or Yahoo IM, Windows live messenger, and if you’ve got a black berry then I’m pretty your informed about BlackBerry Messenger. they are nothing but good messaging services but have there draw backs and often be very annoying for cellphone users, but as future unfolds you can new ideas that spring from brilliant entrepreneurs, some ideas are tad tacky, and several of these ideas are utterly genius. This app is known as “deactivate kik“KIK is a mobile application that s helps out mobile users allowing users send messages in the BBM (BlackBerry mobile)-like fashion. nonetheless it doesn’t stop there, this application also enables you to send messages to the phone carrier which has SMS capabilities together with the first 50 messages users send and receive being free. From then on, the messages you signal and receive will definitely cost just $0.009, which is shy of a penny in cases like this. KIK takes measure compared to that there app users aren’t charged with international fees by giving its users a local number so that you can or your friends will not have to spend any unrelated fees. The neatest thing about this app is it lets you know which a new message has arrived, and also when you send a communication it’ll tell you if what it’s all about you sent was received through the recipient.