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We want to hear about your consumer experiences, your purchasing thoughts and your customer reviews. Tell your neighbours and friends about your latest purchase and your purchasing experience. What happened at your last meal? Review the your new car and tell us what you do and do not like about it. Have you had an MOT recently, what was your experience, did you get ripped off, or did you get a great deal? 'With Friends Like You' is a site to unite all consumers, buyers and purchasers in your area and globally to get the best we can from the money we spend.
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It might be locally with barbers, butchers, beer and restaurants or, globally with cars and travel and electronic devices. Friends coming together to share their restuarant experiences, holiday reviews, purchasing complaints, good and bad from the money they have spent. Simply, join for free. It's quick and easy, upload a review and share with someone like you looking for the same product or experience. We will not sell on your information and our advertising will always be kept to a minimum. Write a review of something you do for a friend like you.
  Customer Reviews
Our mission statement is to put the consumer back in control and use buyers information from around the world to make informed choices from purchasing experiences that are not mediated by bots or biased by large companies promoting their goods and services through selected sites.