Cleansing cottages or cottages is a very popular service among owners of lodge. Maintaining their cleanliness is frequently fairly bothersome and challenging, since it is a big location of the facilities and the bordering location, there are several washrooms and also areas for different objectives. Self-care for a lodge can be fairly challenging, given that […]

With lockdown easing up slightly we decided to meet family in Roundhay park in Leeds with our dogs for a walk round. A beautiful day, but it seems everyone else had the same idea. The park was packed and it became a bit stressful. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

No Mans Sky was launched in 2016 to massive fanfare and pre launch acclaim. The game was revolutionary in that it pronounced that it had billions of worlds to explore all procedurally generated. However on launch it did not live up to the hype and was immediately criticised by gamers and the public. 4 years […]

Having leased a Lexus a few years ago it now came time for my first Lexus service as part of the lease. Obviously during lockdown this was going to be a bit different. But I must say Lexus were great. They came and picked the car up at the agreed time. They sent me various […]

Silent hill 2 is one of the scariest games I have ever played. Even though it doesn’t have any jump scares and came out in 2001 on the PlayStation 2, it manages to hold up by its unrelenting atmosphere and the constant scare of the unknown. The story of Silent hill 2 is that you […]

Wolfpack is a documentary directed by Crystal Moselle and tells the story of six brothers and one sister locked away from the outside world in a Manhattan apartment by their parents, never going outside and being home schooled by their mother, so they keep themselves entertained by re-enacting their favourite movies. Wolfpack shares the story […]

The film Interstellar is directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Sir Michael Caine It is also written by Christopher Nolan and his brother Jonathan Nolan, who works with NASA. All of these performances are astonishing and great to watch. There is also clear directing from Christopher Nolan. The synopsis of […]

Godzilla is directed by Gareth Edwards, who is famous for a film called monsters, and stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen and Bryan Cranston. The performances are not bad and are made up for with good directing. The plot is that Ford Brody (Aaron Taylor-Johnson who is known for kick-ass), a Navy bomb expert, has just […]

Usually The RUshita is a great curry but the other night I found paper in my Jalfrazi. One quick phone call and the cost of the meal was refunded to my card with a sincere apology and a promise of a discount next time I visit. Great Service

Tsotsi is a film about redemption and the struggles of people living in poverty in South Africa. The film follows a thug and his gang as they live a life of crime in the township of Johannesburg, South Africa. Until “Tsotsi”, the protagonist, mistakenly kidnaps a baby leading him on the path to redemption. The […]