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September 8, 2016
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Wolfpack is a documentary directed by Crystal Moselle and tells the story of six brothers and one sister locked away from the outside world in a Manhattan apartment by their parents, never going outside and being home schooled by their mother, so they keep themselves entertained by re-enacting their favourite movies.
Wolfpack shares the story of six brothers and one sister being trapped in their own apartment not being to go out. The documentary does showing how they coped not being let out of their apartment, it also tells you why the partners did it. Throughout the film it shows home videos of when the children were young, showing clips of them re-enacting their favourite films. Unfortunately I felt that the film could have been longer, for it only being 1hr 20mintues, and shown more of them making re-enacting and making more scenes of different movies. But that is the only real complaint of the film. The film does a great of the children went through and also the parents.
Overall I think the film is a really good documentary and does a great job of telling a horrible story but also emotional highs as well but was a bit too short so therefore I will be giving it an 7/10.
The Wolfpack is in cinemas now, certificated 15

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